“Making a client's transition to Boca as easy as possible is my number one goal.”
– Natalie Muniz
Director of Client Success

“We can truly help the underserved community because we come from that same community.”
– Bryan Velez
Sales Operations Associate

“Because I help people get their medication in the neighborhood where I live, I feel valued every day.”
– Stephanie Rosario
Director of Client Services

“I get the most satisfaction from speaking to patients and seeing the impact that our services have.”
– Joe Rothman
Director Client Development

Boca Pharmacy Group. Better access, adherence and outcomes for your most challenging patients.

Do you have high-risk patients who are not able or willing to go to a pharmacy?

Every covered entity has a population that needs extra help accessing medication. They could be patients who are underinsured, or who have behavioral or mobility issues. They could have complex health conditions that require specialty drugs.

Boca Pharmacy Group provides expertise and dedicated care for your high-risk patients. With Boca, your covered entity can significantly improve their participation rates and outcomes.

Boca treats your most challenging patients like family

Our multicultural staff have roots in underserved communities like yours. We understand your most challenging patients. Your patients will get a dedicated advocate who provides the consistent one-to-one support they need to improve medication access, adherence and outcomes.

Learn how Boca Pharmacy Group helps your high-risk patients

Compliance peace of mind

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Better medical outcomes

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Case studies: Covered entities

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“Their hearts are in line with ours. Boca is a responsive, professional pharmacy company that cares about patients first, bottom line second.”

—Patrick Peer, Former CEO, Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma

“Boca Pharmacy is always looking to improve things for the patient. You can’t get anybody better.”

—Mandeep Sikand, Senior Director, Network Development, Urban Health Plan

“The 340B program has completely turned us around, and we now have the capacity to help other organizations bring themselves up. It’s been a total godsend for us.”

—Gail Oliver, Executive Director, Damien Ministries

“We knew little about 340B programs, but Boca made the process simple and streamlined.”

—Kim Nichols, Co-Executive Director, African Services