Our Story

Boca Pharmacy Group was founded in 2001 in the South Bronx, an underserved New York City community. Our mission is to help high-risk patients achieve better health by offering dedicated care that goes well beyond handling prescriptions.

Boca has an additional mission – to give back to the community. We train and hire people with roots in underserved neighborhoods – people who understand our patients, because they share the same background.

And because Boca staff are from the local community, patients love and put their trust in them. Our patients have improved adherence to protocols and better health outcomes.

When regulatory changes made it harder for high-risk patients with complex conditions to get access to the medications they needed from retail pharmacies. Boca stepped in to provide more of the dedicated care that these patients needed to maintain their health.

Boca today

Today, Boca serves thousands of patients at more than 43 covered entities nationally. Whether it’s a mail order program for rural populations, or operation of an onsite pharmacy, our mission remains the same: dedicated care and better outcomes for high-risk patients.