How a covered entity closed in on 100% patient adherence

The African Services Committee (ASC) was struggling to meet the demand for services in African and Caribbean immigrant communities in NYC because of inadequate funding to fully support case management services. Adding a 340B program brought much-needed revenue to support ASC’s Ryan White case management programs, while boosting medication adherence.


For immigrants with minimal English skills, achieving food security and permanent housing can be a daunting task. Those with health problems face additional challenges in accessing health care.

Founded in 1981 by Ethiopian refugees, the African Services Committee has grown to provide health, legal, housing and social services to more than 6,500 people in New York City each year.


Many of the organization’s clients struggled to get access to critical medications and to adhere to their prescribed programs.

In addition, the African Services Committee needed the services and revenue from a well-run 340B program to provide HIV care to immigrants and to support additional staffing, client support (transport and housing), and outreach services.


Boca Pharmacy Group helped the African Services Committee establish a 340B program. The partnership provided timely delivery of prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) medications and personal care supplies to clients.

Boca also guided the organization in setting up an easy reporting system to maintain 340B compliance. African Services Committee staff received training and mentorship so they could manage the program with minimal time and effort.


The organization has seen several benefits since launching the program:

Client Benefits

  • Patient adherence has risen from 90% to almost 100%.
  • Medications and OTC items are conveniently delivered each month.
  • Program includes a full-service mobile pharmacy.

Organization Benefits

  • Program revenues have supported the funding of a new HIV case manager/health educator.
  • New pharmacy services attract new HIV patients.

“We knew little about 340B programs, but Boca made the process simple and streamlined. The 340B program has benefited our HIV clients in significant ways.”
—Kim Nichols, Co-Executive Director, African Services Committee

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