Boca Pharmacy Group Services

Our unique approach internalizes all 340B, specialty pharmacy and compliance services under one roof without the need for 3rd party administrators. And your covered entity works with a single point of contact dedicated to making your pharmacy program a success.

Specialty pharmacy services

Our mission is reduce the barriers to medication access for your patients – especially the underinsured. So we have teams dedicated to prior authorization and prescription assistance programs.

Your patients are assigned a Boca patient advocate, who they can call or text at any time. If your patients have multiple prescriptions, we can consolidate them into monthly packages with all of their medicine organized for each day.

Dispensing options

We can ship medicine to your clients direct from our main pharmacy. This service is especially valued by rural patients and the health centers that serve them.

Or if your health center has high demand, we can build and operate a pharmacy on-site.

Administration and compliance

A successful 340B program requires an accurate tracking system to stay compliant. Boca utilizes proprietary software that identifies compliance issues in real time. And our staff is specifically trained to operate within 340B best practices.

We work with you to customize our system based on your specific data points, and develop protocols to identify non-compliance. We can virtually eliminate concerns about diversion and duplicate discounts.

No out-of-pocket expenses for 340B prescriptions

With Boca, you won’t face financial pressure to cover the gap between dispensing medication and reimbursement. It’s simple: You will not have to pay for the drugs until AFTER you collect the 340B revenue from Boca.

We do not require any complicated financial instruments to facilitate reimbursement. And Boca is transparent: we offer complete access to 340B pricing data.