The 340B program is a federal program that requires drug manufacturers to offer drugs at significant discounts to qualified healthcare organizations, which are called covered entities.

To qualify for the 340B program, providers must care for an underserved population. For example, an eligible provider could be an urban health center that serves many uninsured or low-income patients, or a hospital in a rural area where patients lack access to healthcare.

Types of entities that participate in 340B include:

  • FQHCs
  • Children’s Hospitals
  • Disproportionate Share Hospitals
  • Ryan White Grantees
  • Title X Family Planning Clinics
  • STD Clinics

Not when you partner with Boca Pharmacy Group! We offer extended payment terms to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. It’s simple: You will not have to pay for the drugs until AFTER you collect the 340B revenue from Boca.

Boca Pharmacy Group utilizes a proprietary tracking system that identifies compliance issues in real time. We work with you to customize our system based on your specific data points, and develop protocols to identify non-compliance. We can virtually eliminate concerns about diversion and duplicate discounts.

Just the opposite. When you partner with Boca, you will work with one representative dedicated to your success. Our representative will help coordinate patient care to reduce the time your staff spends on pharmacy concerns.

You can add Boca without leaving your current pharmacy. Boca complements your program by serving the high-risk patients who need extra help getting medication. And because we don’t need to integrate with your EHR, startup is simple.

Yes! If you are an eligible provider who cares for an underserved population, Boca will help you join the 340B program.

Third-party administrators act as middlemen between retail pharmacies and covered entities. Their mission is to maximize profit, not to improve your patients’ health outcomes. Boca Pharmacy Group is different: Our mission is to provide dedicated care for your most challenging patients, who are underserved by third-party administrators and retail pharmacies.

And unlike third-party administrators, we don’t use outside partners. All Boca services – from compliance to specialty pharmacy – are internalized under one roof, keeping you 100% in control of your program.

Profit-driven retail pharmacies don’t have the time or cultural competency to offer the extra care that high-risk patients need. Boca Pharmacy Group specializes in dedicated care for your high-risk patients. With Boca, your covered entity can significantly improve patients’ participation rates and outcomes.

No! Our client Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, a smaller covered entity, tried to start a 340B program for two and a half years. They were turned down by third-party administrators who felt they were too small to be profitable.

Boca Pharmacy Group is independently owned: We don’t need to make a huge profit to satisfy investors. We gladly work with smaller entities like Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma.

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Joe Rothman, Director Client Development

Louis F. Abt III, Director of Operations

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