Jacob Jamron

Jacob founded Boca Pharmacy Group in 2001 in the South Bronx, an underserved New York City neighborhood. “I started Boca because chain pharmacies were not meeting the needs of the community,” he says.

Jacob gets the most satisfaction out of the success of his employees. Many staff members that were hired as teenagers have grown professionally because of opportunities they were offered at Boca. Boca pays for professional education and certifications for all staff members. “We encourage employees to create opportunities for themselves. We are not only making a positive impact in our community with our customers, we are also making a positive impact on our employees’ lives.“

Jacob supports numerous charity organizations in the Bronx community. He has received an award from Vistage International, was a judge for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, and is on the board of the Alexander Robertson School.

He is a graduate of The Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Long Island University.


“I am able to make others believe, just like I do, that there really is no problem that cannot be solved or tackled. You only fail when you stop trying.”



LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jacob-jamron-83a9063