Natalie Muniz

“As an Director of Client Success,” Natalie explains, “I do all initial enrollments into Boca. Everything from calling the doctors for new scripts to calling other pharmacies for transfers and maintaining proper insurance information. I am also responsible for setting up the client’s first package. I handle all prior authorizations for our 340B clients and I supervise our specialty pharmacy operations team.”

Natalie started with Boca Pharmacy Group in 2006. She is proud that she was promoted from a Cashier to a Technician, Store Manager, 340B Technician and Manager, and is now an Enrollment Specialist and Supervisor.

“What gives me the most satisfaction is client satisfaction,” says Natalie. “Making a clients’ transition to Boca as easy as possible is my number one goal. And it’s a pleasure to work for Boca. There are always opportunities for you to grow here.”


“Being a reliable team player. I will always step up when needed. I am someone that my co-workers can always depend on.”