Compliance risk and administration peace of mind for covered entities

We manage 340B compliance risk

Every covered entity is concerned about compliance risk. But the typical third party administrator only offers limited, aged data, which does little to manage risk.

Boca Pharmacy Group is different. We built a proprietary 340B tracking system that ensures your program is compliant in real time. We work with each covered entity to customize the tracking system based on your specific data points. We develop protocols to identify non-compliance, so we can virtually eliminate any concerns for diversion and duplicate discounts.

No out-of-pocket expenses

With Boca, you won’t face financial pressure to cover the gap between dispensing medication and getting reimbursed. We offer extended payment terms that eliminate your out-of-pocket expenses. Your covered entity will not pay for prescriptions until after you are reimbursed.

Additionally, we do not require any complicated financial instruments, loans or notes to facilitate reimbursement. Boca is completely transparent in 340B pricing: you have complete access to data about terms and invoices.

The data points you need

When we start working with your team, we identify what kinds of data points you need to best serve your patients. Then we deliver the data reports in any format you require, in real time.

And we keep our tracking system separate from your EHR, reducing your risk of data breaches and HIPAA liability.