Custom pharmacy solutions for every entity

A pharmacy solution that fits

Boca Pharmacy Group will build a pharmacy service that solves your unique operating challenges. We can staff and run a full on-site pharmacy. If you require a smaller footprint, we can provide a staff member to assist your case managers. Or we can serve your patients directly by phone or text. And our mail-order program, which is great for rural populations, can deliver prescriptions either to you or directly to your patients.

A dedicated partner

When you partner with us, you work with one Boca representative dedicated to your success. The representative helps coordinate patient care and reduce the time your staff spends on pharmacy concerns. And all Boca services are internalized under one roof – we don’t use third party partners.

If you are starting a 340B program with us, we commit to mentoring and guiding you through the process. We will help you set up and manage the program, and provide ongoing support, staff training and recruitment.

Have you been told you are too small for 340B?

Our client Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, a smaller covered entity, tried to start a 340B program for two and a half years. They were turned down by third-party administrators who felt they were too small to be profitable.

Boca is independently owned: we don’t need to make a huge profit to satisfy investors. We gladly work with smaller entitles like Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma.

Do you already have a 340B program?

You can add Boca without leaving your current pharmacy. Boca complements your program by serving the high-risk patients who need extra help getting medication. And because we don’t connect our tracking system to your EHR, starting up is simple.