Access and adherence: the key to better patient outcomes

Your patients deserve easy access to their prescriptions

Whether your patients can afford their prescription or not, Boca will make sure they get their medication. Even if they are underinsured, or their drugs are expensive. And Boca searches for patient assistance programs that reduce medication costs.

Boca delivers

With Boca Pharmacy Group, your patients don’t need to go to a pharmacy. We can ship your medicine directly to their home, or to your covered entity. Shipping is always free. And if they have multiple prescriptions, we can consolidate them into monthly packages.

Dealing with prior authorizations

We never delay medication because of a wait for prior authorization. Boca works directly with payers to get prior authorizations, so your case managers don’t have to.

One-to-one support = better adherence

Boca treats your most challenging patients like family. Our multicultural staff has a high level of cultural competency, because they have roots in underserved communities like yours.

Your patients get a direct line to their Boca patient advocate, who they can call or text at any time. Boca patient advocates provide proactive, consistent one-to-one support that improves adherence for your high-risk patients.

Our track record shows that we are personally committed to your mission: better access, adherence and outcomes for your high-risk patients.